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YouTube Marketing Strategy for Beginners 2022

In digital marketing, the YouTube marketing strategy is one of the most popular strategies or marketing ways to do digital marketing as you can represent your service or product visually. 

It is a platform where you can share videos about your product or services. Most people love visual things rather than reading. 

So YouTube’s marketing strategy is a great way or great thing for doing digital marketing.


What is YouTube

YouTube is a video-sharing website or service, where you can create a channel for yourself, after that, you can upload your own videos and can watch, like, comment, share others’ videos, and can subscribe to other channels for getting all new uploaded videos updates from that channel which channel you subscribed to. This service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

I hope you know that because nowadays most people are familiar with it.  


YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing is the way of promoting your businesses and products by using YouTube’s platform. Uploading valuable videos on your company’s YouTube channel or using YouTube ads.

YouTube provides us with the facilities to do marketing using their platform through ads. 

I hope you saw the ads on YouTube. Most of the time when we watch videos on YouTube we see that suddenly ads start on that video, which video we were watching. Most of the time we feel disturbed or it’s annoying to us because YouTube shows us lots of ads when we watch videos. 

That means there is an option like Facebook to run ads or market your products. 

Most of the new online business beginners use Facebook’s page for doing business and then do Facebook marketing through Facebook ads. 

Like that youtube also has the option to do marketing like Facebook or other social media through your videos. In that video, you can showcase your products or service and can recognize your business to others.


Why is YouTube marketing important for you?

I think you know that this is high time for digital marketing. Everyone is doing that and youtube or youtube marketing is the most popular in digital marketing. And why won’t it be the most popular? 

Now I am going to tell you some stats that why YouTube marketing is most popular.

  • YouTube became the second most popular social media or website whatever you say in the world. 
  • 2 Billion people log into youtube every month. 
  • 68% of YouTube users said that video helps them to make decisions for purchasing.
  • The quantity of SMBs promoting on YouTube has multiplied throughout the most recent 2 years


After seeing these stats you can understand that youtube’s popularity is increasing so fast and to get more traffic and customers for your marketing and business YouTube is a popular opportunity.

But it’s not that easy, as easy as it sounds.

In fact, YouTube can be a very competitive place for you, which means you can’t expect that just start uploading videos and to see results.

So now I am going to tell you some youtube marketing strategies to get success in youtube marketing as beginners.


Strategies for YouTube Marketing 

  1. Do Your Best Research

Youtube became the second most popular search engine or social media in the world as I mentioned before. Thousands of videos are being uploaded every minute. So can you imagine the competition?

You have to think creatively and have to make your videos for marketing in a creative way. 

First of all, you have to research and find out your competitors. Do your best research and find out your competitor’s marketing strategy and then according to that you make a youtube marketing strategy plan for you.

Always follow your competitors, that is what they are doing. What types of video content they are making. What is their video quality of them? And try to match with your videos and with your plans.


Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Create Useful and Creative Content

If you want to live and get success among your competitors, and want to stand out from your competitors, then you have to be creative and have to make creative content.

Always try to give some useful things from your videos to your viewers. When you will create videos, keep in mind what useful thing will get my viewers from my videos. Why will they watch my videos?


  1. Be Partner With Others

Be partnered with some other popular YouTubers, who are already famous. It will help you to get more audience because when those YouTubers will make videos for them, that time they will also introduce your channel through their videos. So their subscribers will know about your channel and hopefully will like your channel.


  1. Link with your other’s social media

This is the most common and effective way to get traffic to your youtube channel. When your other social media audience will see that you have a youtube channel and it is linked to your other social media, maybe they will feel some interest and will go to your channel and visit your channel.


  1. Ads on youtube or youtube campaign

I hope you are familiar with youtube ads. Youtube shows us lots of ads when we use youtube. So youtube has an option for doing ads on youtube. For creating youtube ads you can google Adwords tools. Through Google Adwords tools you can create youtube ads for your business, services, or products according to your need. That means which audience you like to reach you can do that as youtube has a million users. By doing PPC you can reach them. 


  1. Optimize your videos

Optimize your youtube videos and do good SEO for your youtube videos. To be top in youtube search.

So as a beginner in youtube marketing, you can follow this strategy. Or if you have any youtube channel or small business and you want to do youtube marketing. 

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