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Website Maintenance Service in Bangladesh

Website Maintenance Service


Website maintenance service is one of the major and main services after completing the website development. Website development is not just the end of work. There is lots of work after finishing the development phase. You should continuously keep your eye on your website to ensure that your website is working properly. Sometimes websites show many problems, for maintaining those problems you have to keep your eye on your website.

I hope you’ve heard about the terms of SEO. That means Search Engine Optimization(SEO). After developing your website you need to do SEO for your website for ranking your website to google. Website maintenance is one kind of that. You have to keep maintaining your website, otherwise, your website won’t work properly. Your website loading time will be increased and also so many problems can occur if you don’t maintain your website properly.

What Is  Website Maintenance Service?

Website maintenance is like you are regularly checking your website, checking that your website doesn’t show any problems, or keep your website up to date. You have to do it continuously to safe & secure your website & make sure that your website works properly.

What you should check for website maintenance:

  • Your website loading time. Is your website loading too much or not.
  • Make sure that your website backup is on. Otherwise, you can lose your website data.
  • Your website theme, the plugin should be updated that you are using on your site.  
  • Check your website page to ensure that any broken links are present on your site or not.
  • Remove spam messages or comments from your website.
  • Check that your website is showing 404 errors or not.
  •  Maintain your website hosting perfectly for working your website smoothly.


Maintain these things on an everyday basis, check your website speed, run security scans on your website, analyze your website statistics. Then you should think about your website updating. You should update your website design functions, modules, and so on.


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Then do Search Engine Optimization(SEO) on your website. SEO is another the most common service you need to do for your website in this era as lots of websites are developing day by day and many many websites are present on the internet as like your website.

Definitely, you want to rank your website on google’s first page, right? So for that, you have to do SEO. 

When we search on google to write like your service-related things, then lots of websites come to the SERP page. SERP means, Search Engine Result Page(SERP). So among lots of websites if you want to rank your website on the first page of google. Then you must have to do SEO or take SEO service for your website.

Update Your Website Regularly

Updates equal stronger practicality. Regardless of what CMS a website is victimizing, you wish to visualize if new updates are discharged, so execute them. Script updates conjointly play a very important role; if you fail to often run updates on the positioning, there’s a powerful probability that the website is going to be exposed to hacks.

Backups Of Your Website

This one goes while not saying: all of the content and information on an internet site has to be protected frequently. Backups are essential for website homeowners just in case one thing goes wrong; a server crash or a hack could bring down the website utterly. frequently duplicate the website’s contents, photos, pictures, and templates, then check the backups by restoring them, thus you’ll be able to keep the location running while not breaks. Security


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Website Monitoring

Webpage checking is a sweeping term for various exercises that are completed to test a site or web administration for accessibility. 

Essentially, it alludes to any action that checks the exhibition, accessibility, and elements of a web administration or site. It can include robotized testing or genuine client checking. Manual testing is inconsistent, though robotized testing can be planned at convenient stretches. 

This can be additionally expanded into three classifications: accessibility observing (examined above), execution observing (intended to check the administration or site’s speed), and usefulness observing (intended to test the usefulness of a site).



Websites grow and attract new audiences once they are often updated with new content. Google, and every one of different search engines, pay keen attention to the standard of content that websites transfer. Most website house owners merely don’t have the time to update the content on a daily basis, and you’ll be able to plug that gap.

Website house owners will generate revenue by giving content packages and updates to your purchasers, boosting their website’s rankings and rising engagement with traffic. giving tailored SEO content may be labor, and can assist you to boost profit.



We will give you any kind of support for your website problems. If you face any kind of website problem.

So I hope you understand what is website maintenance and what is the importance of website maintenance. And you know that today everyone depends on the internet. So almost everyone has a website, so you should maintain that website.

If you need website maintenance service or any kind of IT services & digital marketing services, like Facebook marketing, email marketing, youtube marketing for your business. You can contact us.

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