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When we think about web development companies in Bangladesh, then first of all Foresight-IT comes to our mind. We are one of the top leading web development companies in Bangladesh. We have a strong talented team to provide you with better IT-related services.

In this era of technology, you need powerful technology for business and powerful technology services, here we are. We provide both of these.

If you are thinking of a powerful website or web application for your business or any kind of website or web services, then Foresight IT can be your best choice. 


On the web, Development has 2 Sector

Front End

Front End means the website design. That we can access. User Interface is basically the front end. Users can interact with it.

Back End

The back End means the backside of your website. The website does not work only with the front end. The front end it’s just a design but your website or system needs to do some work. For that, you need a back end. Also, you need a database to store your data in the database. To store your data in a database you need to write some code or methods, otherwise, it won’t work. For that, your website needs a Backend to do this work. We write all the code and do all these works in the backend. Backend connects the front end with the database and mainly all kinds of methods of a website we write in the backend sector.

So if you are not in this sector or have no idea about technology or a beginner in this sector and you need a website for your business or for your personal use then we are the best solution for you. We are the best web development company in Bangladesh.

We do web development according to your need. We do web development through CMS platform & also by using powerful programming language and platform, like PHP & Laravel.

According to your need, which you think best suits your business, you can choose us to develop your website.

If your budget is low but you want a website then you can take our web development service through CMS(like Worpress, Joomla, and so on).

I think you’ve heard about WordPress at least. Because thousands of websites are developed by WordPress. 


From Where You will take web development service.

If you are thinking about this, then Foresight IT is here for your solution. Bangladesh has lots of IT companies, but we are the best IT company in Bangladesh. 

There are many of us who always try to spend less money when it comes to doing something or buying something.


So Spending less money later shows that you spend five times that amount.

This is exactly what happens with websites. Many of us get into trouble after making a website for less money than many others. It could be a security-related problem, it could be a framework problem. There are also various types of problems to face.


Better yet, if you spend a little more money to build a website from a good company.

So as I told you before, we have many web development companies in Bangladesh, Foresight IT is one of the web development companies in Bangladesh.

The question is, why will you choose Foresight IT?

Because we have Professional Website Developers. And they have work experience in Bangladesh.

The biggest thing is, if you build a website from Foresight IT, you will get lifetime support from us.

Next steps to create a website

  • The first step is to SEO your website.
  • 2nd, the job is to open a page in the name of your website on Facebook.
  • Then you can add any paid ads with the website link in the post on that page. In other words, the post will increase the rich engagement of your post through Boost-Promote.
  • In this case, you can also create ads to Google & Youtube for your website.
  • There are also different types of social media sites, where you can add your website.


We provide every kind of IT services as I mentioned before, like

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web maintenance
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing Services

In Digital Marketing services we provide

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Youtube Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Bulk SMS Services and so on.

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