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Best Web Development Company in Bangladesh

What is web development? 

To know about web development first, we need to know what web development thing is. In simple terms, the process of creating websites, software, and applications that are created for the Internet or intranet (a private network) is called web development. Foresight IT is a web development company In Bangladesh.

Many times we confuse web designing with web development. But there is a clear difference between these two things: Through programming and coding, web developers constantly keep a website running.

The importance of the work of web developers is wide. From any standard static webpage to various social media platforms, e-commerce, content management systems, and all the other everyday things that we use through the internet, almost everything has been created through web development. Foresight IT is The best website developer in Bangladesh.

Website Development Service in BD 2022

How can web development be divided?

As the scope of web development is wide, there are differences in its work. Depending on the type of work, web development can be broadly divided into three parts. These are:

  • Client-side coding (front end)
  • Server-side coding (back-end)
  • Database technology

Now, we will take a deep look at these three parts of web development.

1. Client-side

Client-side scripting basically refers to the end-users of the website. It is also often called front-end development. Client-side or front-end development refers to the issues in which we users are directly involved.

These include website layouts, fonts, colors, menus, and contact forms. The things that the users of the website will see on the website or the things that they will not see will depend on the client-side code.

2. Server-side

Anything that goes on inside the website or behind the scenes is called server-side scripting. Server-side scripting is also often called back and development. This backend is an important part of a website. But users of the website do not see it. 

The server side has the sole responsibility to keep the data and information inside the website properly stored and organized and to run everything smoothly on the client or user side.

When we enter information in a form in a web browser, it immediately goes to the server side. The server side verifies it and sends it back to the client side. This is how a website works.

3. Databases and related technologies

The importance of databases in managing any website cannot be denied. The pros and cons of a website often depend on the database. In these databases of the website, all the files are saved in order to manage a website properly. This database is basically connected to a server. Most of our websites use relational database management systems.

A website works with a combination of these three components. Any one of these errors can cause huge suffering.

Types of website – Website Developer in Bangladesh

Websites can be shared in a number of ways based on topics. But considering the nature of the structure of the website, there are basically two types of websites. Web developers need to know about these two types of websites. These are-

-Static website

-Dynamic website

→ We will now briefly look at what static and dynamic websites really are and what the differences are between them.

Static websites basically mean static websites. Static websites are those websites that cannot be linked to, edited, or deleted without going to the original code.

→ The question that may come to your mind is, is it not possible to create a website that can be easily changed without going to the original code? The answer to the question is, yes! Of course, such a website can be made.

Such variable websites are basically called dynamic websites. Dynamic websites are web pages that do not have to go to the original code to add, edit or delete anything, but can be easily modified. Dynamic websites triumph in the world right now.

Take Facebook for example. We can add and delete our profile, any post, or anyone on our friend list at any time by logging on to Facebook anytime we want. This is possible because the Facebook website is dynamic.

Web developers now have to work on building dynamic websites. But you don’t have to learn how to create a static website right now! Gradually learn to build a dynamic website.

Web Development & Website Design Company In Bangladesh

Foresight IT, Web Development & Website Design Company. We develop different web solutions and web-based development like eCommerce, Enterprise Solutions, Content Management System, Custom Web Development, etc. Our development services include full-solution online eCommerce store web design, custom eCommerce web development, enterprise solution, and custom development for small, medium, and large-scale retail businesses. Our expertise in popular platforms like Laravel, PHP, WordPress-based eCommerce website development, WooCommerce, OpenCart, etc has helped us to deliver world-class web solutions with online content management systems. Searching For Best Web Development Company In Bangladesh! You are in the right place.

OUR Development Team – Web Development Company In Bangladesh

The development team is always ready to give you a productive, dashing, responsive design and development using the latest web technologies and they are secure, robust, and scalable which helps businesses to reduce overall operational costs and enhance operational efficiency.

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Comprehensive It Services Include – a Web Development Company In Bangladesh


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jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax.


CSS is a language that describes the style of an HTML document. It describes how HTML elements should be displayed.


HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the most basic building block of the Web. It defines the meaning and structure of web content.


Bootstrap is a free and open-source CSS framework directed at responsive, mobile-first front-end web development.


Programming fundamentals and basic object-oriented concepts using the latest JavaScript syntax.

Conclusion: Web Development Company In Bangladesh

Web development is one of the most demanding services in the world today. If you have read this article from beginning to end, you may already know everything about web development.

If you have any further questions regarding web development let us know in the comment box. And if you like the article, you must share it on social media.

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