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Top 10 It Company In Bangladesh
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Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh

Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh

Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh, With low-cost labor and economic policies targeting development of technology base, global attention has diverted towards IT services provider companies in Bangladesh. With gains while considering cost to value ratio and a talented workforce, IT services & solutions companies here are getting a feasible solution for outsourcing your IT consulting. With actions plans taken by the government to enhance simple doing business, it’s the simplest time to rent IT services providers from the country. So, if you’re trying to find IT services companies in Bangladesh, Foresight IT  has handpicked a sensible set for you to settle on from.

1. Foresight IT

Foresight IT is one of the leading & best IT companies in Bangladesh for your IT support and training. Foresight IT is one of the leading Information Technology Solution Companies in Bangladesh with a strong talented team that provides an extensive range of products and services. Foresight IT specializes in the development of complex software systems design.

2. HYPE Dhaka

Who We Are: RB Digital Limited (Brand Name: HYPE Dhaka) is a Digital communication agency located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. HYPE is committed to providing an actionable online strategy to ensure revenue stream and growth for their partners using the web, mobile and social tools. What We Do: RB Digital Limited (Brand Name: HYPE Dhaka) consists of dedicated project managers, media planner, advertisers, designers, photographers, developers and consultants from different sectors.

3. Workspace InfoTech Australia PTY Limited

Workspace InfoTech Australia PTY Limited is an Australia-Bangladesh joint venture software company that provides a complete solution for your online business needs working with your business or organization to maximize your online potential. As a full-service technology company, we offer a wide range of solutions including Mobile development, Software Development, Graphic Design, Web Development, and Quality Assurance.

4. IM Digital

IM Digital is the most advanced digital marketing and IT company. We handle all digital hassles for your business. So that you can focus on business work.

5. Trustaira

Trustaira Limited is a privately owned Information and cyber security company based in Bangladesh. It was founded specially to provide businesses with IT and cyber security resources and services. Our services are designed to protect our clients’ information, IT infrastructure, networks, applications and databases against external/internal intruders and hackers.

6. Dhaka Distributions

Dhaka Distributions is not just a company. It’s a team of experienced and skilled people with distributions and alliance partnerships with global leaders in the field of cybersecurity. In a nutshell the company is a pioneer in Bangladesh in the cybersecurity space and the core business involves delivering technologies and services in the field. The journey started in 1994 with the formation of Technics Computers Pvt. Ltd, expanded to Office xtract in distribution business and evolved into Dhaka Distributions as a cybersecurity provider

7. Cyber-sec Technology

A company standing different from others. We believe in customer satisfaction. Never feared trying new things to stand with customer’s needs. We do not sell service, we sell quality. Unlike others we deliver what we promise. Furthermore, innovation comes first at our company and we move head to head with the latest technology. Our Motto We think helping others never harms our business, instead it flourishes our creativity and that is why we frequently contribute to open source work.

8. Desh Cyber Limited

Desh Cyber, a United States of America(USA)-Bangladesh joint venture company offers products and services to protect businesses against hackers. Manual audits, pen tests, training, sensitization, cybersecurity online solutions and the leading Bangladesh supplier of world class security products. Desh Cyber has one mission in mind: protect every bit!

9. Beetles Cyber Security Limited

The internet has been a boon and an inseparable partner in our modern lives, but it has its own disadvantages as well. Criminals are now faceless and seemingly traceless. The bigger weapon now is not a gun, but a keyboard. From malicious codes to Trojans to phishing and organized crimes (data theft, DoS, DDoS) are the new threats we face every day. The new criminal hides in the Deep Web, without a face or a name, waiting, only but a keystroke away. The threat is very real and the danger of being attacked is imminent.

10. Aristel

Aristel has been supplying the world’s leading user friendly business communications systems since 1993 founded as Arista Systems Corporation in Taiwan. Quality is the best service to our customers only with quality systems that allow users to enjoy a clear and unobstructed communication experience can we create more business for our customers and for our company. Besides all our telephone systems are internationally ISO 9001 Quality Assurance certified.


Best IT Company In Bangladesh


Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh
Top 10 IT Company In Bangladesh

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